Ruth Anne Wood
Host, Live Your Peace

Ruth Anne Wood is the creator of the “Live Your Peace” project and the founder and director of “Scripting for Success”. Seminar topics presented by Ruth include: “Getting Your Dreams Out of the Drawer” and “Big Mission Launch”

The “Live Your Peace” Project embraces the power of life stories of teachers, luminaries such as Alan Cohan, Dr. Judith Orloff M.D., Jim Donavan, Jill Lublin, Larry Steinhouse, to name a few-as well as less known extraordinary people.

Ruth is the publisher of many books and the co-author of You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It!A Blind Figure Skater and Visionary Writer’s Inspirational Guide to Moving Through Life (2007) and Abundant Magical Lives; Insights for Passionate People (2003).

Ruth’s areas of expression range from success trainer, workshop and seminar facilitator, global thinker, adventurer, director, interviewer, author, poet, playwright and artist to muse.

Her big mission is to create the catalyst and tools for passionate people and groups to guide powerful ideas from conception to dynamic manifestation. This included the group creation of books, live events, documentary films, coaching series and theatre. Ruth’s methods are a mix of step-by-step systems and facilitating inspiration and rapid implementation.

Ruth will be speaking at the “Get Rich and Happy Event” Nov. 5-7 in Philadelphia, PA

Ruth’s Signature Talks
Unite Your Big Mission With Global Events And the Media Will Love You!
Turning Adversities into Adventures
Allow the Impossible to be Possible
Script Your Success and Manifest Your Dream Life
6 Steps to Get Your Dreams out of the Drawer

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Ruth Anne Wood

78 East State St
Doylestown, PA 18901

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