Talk – Workshop – Retreat


Experiencing award winning visionaries at your next:

Retreat – Workshop – Talk – Community Out Reach – Fund Raiser – Media Event

This includes the one I’m speaking at in Philadelphia in November 2010!!

Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you my affiliate link to the amazing speakers who are doing tele-class training before the event till the end of October 2010!! HERE

After working with best selling authors, profitable start ups, national charities… we’ve compiled a list of some awe inspiring peace makers in our global community. We invite you to read why they make the cut and listen to their insight featured in our “Live Your Peace” interview series. Ask yourself, “What does it take for me to be a loving, courageous, forgiving, generous peacemaker to myself, loved ones, co-workers, customers, competition, neighbors and strangers?” Then plan an event that helps you step into this expanded vision of your team.

Invite Ruth Anne Wood to facilitate a conversation and/or one of these thought leader…
We handle the speaker fees and contracts. (they pay us a finder’s fee and you get to pick from the cream of the crop.)

Request special Live Your Peace speaker packages on:

-Leadership Training
-Travel Adventures
-Team training
-Fund raising
-Youth Training
-Global Summits
-Peace Talks
-Vision Building
-Live Your Peace featured audience presentations and declarations for peace
-One of a kind Live Your Peace audience co-authored vision building events

*Ask about our Five Star Accommodations for your group event

Request an event application and we’ll schedule a special phone consultation

“If any of your attendees don’t absolutely love our events, speakers, trainings and services they are given a complete refund within 30 after our experience together. Satisfaction guaranteed!”

Ruth Anne Wood
Talk – Workshop – Retreat
76 East State St
Doylestown, PA 18901


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